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TQG is an operations management consulting firm specializing in supply chain, performance improvement, and data analytics.


Operational Due Diligence & Performance Improvement

Fact-based analyses and delivery of identified EBITDA value drivers, site assessments, management and expert interviews, financial modelling, creation of 100-Day Plans, and investor communications. TQG also derives extensive experience in delivering a front-line based approach to performance improvement (e.g., LEAN, Six Sigma) programs.

Supply Chain

Delivering end-to-end supply chain engagements through strategic sourcing, procurement, logistics, and demand planning programs. TQG also delivers optimization programs in CapEx and working capital, enabling organizations to preserve cash.

Data Analytics & Transformation

Bringing deep domain expertise across rapid business intelligence, data architecture, and engineering processes. TQG takes a business-driven approach to ERP investments and implementations, allowing organizations to realize digital twins of their operations with true 360-degree visibility and advanced analytics.


Aerospace & Defense



Consumer Packaged Goods

Nuclear Power

Engineering, Procurement, & Construction

Industrials & Electronics


Metals & Mining

Oil & Gas

Packaging & Paper

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